Welcome to David Banks Media Law Consultancy.

Helping you avoid the risks while getting the best out of 21st century digital media is what we do, with tailored training for your organisation.

Talking to your audience has never been easier, but it comes with legal and ethical risks – that’s where we come in with effective, entertaining, plain English training in the potential dangers and how best to avoid them.

If you are caught in a social media storm, we can help you navigate your way out too, with crisis strategy training to equip you to act if the worst happens. We can show you how to respond appropriately and effectively in order to minimise damage. We can also assist you in devising policies and practices that help avoid the crisis in the first place.

We also provide training in effective use of social media. Which platform works best for you, what audience does it deliver and what content works best there? We can help you draw up and implement a social media strategy that gets results.

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