Media law for podcasters

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Maintaining the spontaneous, conversational nature of podcasts, often tackling controversial topics , while at the same time keeping on the right side of the law can be quite a challenge.

This training session covers the main legal and ethical issues that can crop up for those producing podcasts. It is suitable for anyone taking part in a podcast as a presenter or guest and is also suitable for those producing and editing podcasts before they go live. The session also covers the issues that can occur when livestreaming.

Course aims: To provide those taking part in and producing podcasts with a good working knowledge of the laws that apply to such content. The course will enable anyone attending to understand when to edit content to make it legally safe, while maintaining the spontaneous and conversational nature of the podcast.

Topics covered: Libel, contempt of court, privacy and data protection, copyright, sexual offence anonymity, media ethics.

Delivery: The course can be delivered at your premises, or online via Zoom video conference.

Details: If you would like further information or would like to book this training, please email

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