Universities and Student Media

We have been providing training services in the university sector for more than ten years. This has involved working with students’ unions and their media sector as well as university comms teams and staff.

Law for Student Media – The course covers the range of subjects and issues that can arise for student publications and broadcasters. The session covers the law for print, online and broadcast content and uses many examples drawn from student media cases.

Course aims – to provide student journalists and the union officers who work with them with a grounding in the basics of media law, so they are better able to avoid potential legal difficulties.

Media Law for University Comms and Staff – The University as a publisher has to be aware of the legal risks involved. This can involve the outputs from its comms team on conventional channel as well as student media. It can also involve any publication by academic staff. There has been a rise in legal threat aimed at academic staff in recent years and knowing about the legal protections they have for publication, and their requirements, is vital.

Course aims – to provide University comms teams, senior management, and academic staff with a good understanding of legal risk and the important defences that protect them from that risk so they can publish and broadcast safely.

Retained advisory services – We also provide retained advisory services for universities and students’ unions so they can send any problematic content to me for advice before publication or broadcast.