Social Media Services

We advise private and public sector organisations on safe and effective use of social media.

Social Media Policies and Guidelines

We write social media guidelines and policy documents for use by organisations whose staff use social media. These easy-to-use, plain English guides highlight the main pitfalls of these media and what to do to avoid them, in an accessible format. They cover use of organisations’ official social media accounts, as well as personal use by staff.
If you have an existing policy, we can review and amend it to make sure it takes account of the latest cases and developments in the use of emerging social media platforms. Some clients ask for regular reviews, every three months or six months, to make sure their policies reflect the most recent changes in the law and cases in the courts.
We also write T&Cs for online communities, again spelling out clearly the behaviour that can cause legal problems, or cause users to be suspended or banned. These easily-understood rules assist social media and website managers deal with disputes far more quickly and easily because users have signed up to clear, unambiguous rules.

These guidelines are available in print, or as an online or email resource. Past clients include Essex County Council, Essex Cares, London Borough of Hillingdon, the NUJ, the Caravan Club and


We provide training services which cover a range of issues from risk-management of such media, to maximising impact using them.

Course content includes:

  • Knowledge of the key legal issues that arise when using social media.
  • Understanding where liabilities occur for staff use of official social media sites, or personal accounts.
  • Developing a set of guidelines and policies for their use in your organisation.
  • Communicating these policies and guidance to staff.

The above takes the form of day, or part-day courses delivered in-house at your premises or at a training venue.

We also offer courses covering the basics of social media use for beginners, and more advanced training for those wanting to maximise the impact of social media for their business or organisation. These courses cover the use of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. We have worked extensively with local government, running this training for both staff and elected members.


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